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Volume 2, Number 4

The Tortoise Magazine

Each 160+ glossy pages and over 160 color photos. All seven previous issues are now out of print. The current issue is offered here.

“I like The Tortoise very much! It is a new kind of publication,
not a scientific journal, not a hobbyist magazine, it is something
totally different. I look forward to the next issue.”
—Dr. Peter C. H. Pritchard, Chelonian Research Institute

The Tortoise Magazine, [is] ostensibly Us Weekly for people
who follow reptiles instead of Brad Pitt and ‘The Bachelor’”
The Wall Street Journal

All issues: $25.00 each.

Confessions of a Turtle Wife
By Anita Baskin-Salzberg

Softcover, 213 pages, 5" x 8", © 2005 HerpArts Books
$20.00 (includes S&H)

A Hilarious Look at What it Takes to Live with a Hobby-Obsessed Spouse

What would you do if your spouse filled your living room, kitchen, bathtub and even your freezer with turtles? (The ones in the freezer, wrapped in aluminum foil, had passed on. Even so!) Most women would have fled for the hills or filed for divorce. Not me.

Confessions of a Turtle Wife is the story of how and why for more than 20 years I've stuck to my marriage vows through thick, thin, and turtles ad infinitem. This book can show you how to love someone no matter what crazy thing they're into, as well as how to laugh at yourself, your significant other, and thing odd things life throws at us all. You'll love this funny, warm, insightful book about the trials and tribulations of one woman's turtle-obsessed marriage!

You Know You’re a Herper... When You Dream in Green
Edited by Allen & Anita Salzberg

Softcover, 128 pages, 5" x 8½", © 2004 HerpArts Books
$13.00 (includes S&H)

A hilarious collection of herpers' warm-hearted revelations about their cold-blooded charges!

Every reptile and amphibian lover will enjoy this hilarious collection of warm-hearted revelations by herpers about their cold-blooded charges—snakes, lizards, frogs and turtles. If you send out birth announcements for a hatching... cruise pet stores instead of the mall... feed the herps before the kids—then you'll laugh out loud at these off-the-cuff comments about what it's like to be a herper: the bugs and the worms... the bites and the mice... the escapes and the escapades!

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