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The Tortoise Magazine

Each 160+ glossy pages and over 160 color photos.

Volume 1, Number 1

Out of print
Volume 1, Number 2

Volume 1, Number 3

Volume 1, Number 4

Temporarily out of stock
Volume 2, Number 1

Temporarily out of stock
Volume 2, Number 2

Volume 2, Number 3

Temporarily out of stock
“I like The Tortoise very much! It is a new kind of publication,
not a scientific journal, not a hobbyist magazine, it is something
totally different. I look forward to the next issue.”
—Dr. Peter C. H. Pritchard, Chelonian Research Institute

The Tortoise Magazine, [is] ostensibly Us Weekly for people
who follow reptiles instead of Brad Pitt and ‘The Bachelor’”
The Wall Street Journal

All issues: $25.00 each.

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